The Undecided - Blind lyrics

I never thought you'd leave me
Never thought these times would end
But now it's time to say farewell
To you my friend
I guess I was a bit short-sighted
Maybe just a tad immature
I thought I knew exactly where I stood
But right now I'm not sure

I just called to say
I'm ssorry that I broke your trust
I've no clue what I was thinking
How I forgot about us
If it was possible
I'd give anything to turn back time
And I'd try harder so that
Next time I would not be quite so blind
The challenge
To live a fulfilled life
No an wasy one
That it will not be
Toom any search for quick solutions
Always taking shortcuts
To the easiest remedy

There will come the day
When we will meet face to face
Nothing will stand in our way

Sometimes it feels like I'm losing it
Sometimes I know I've lost control
Not getting anywhere relying on myself
Completely powerless
So much I do not know