The Twilight Singers - St. Gregory lyrics

Hey there, boy
So good to see you again
I heard your woman left you
I heard you quit your band

How you on money?
You still feeding that Jones?
Man, you don't look like you used to
My god, you look like a ghost

There's a riot going on
Inside of me
Won't you come inside
See what I see?

Them boys was drinking
Goddamn I got me a gun
We going capping later on
Don't that sound like fun?

I know how to get my way
To make you love me, enchante

Now they love you
When you're alone
Let's call Jackie
See if he ain't home

Baby, I’m all right
Playing tricks with the light

They love me down in Texas
My home while I’m away
God knows I got my reasons
For every mutherfucking thing I say

Every time you go away
Take me down
I have gone astray
Take me down