The Turtles - Rebecca lyrics

Met you, brushing your hair with the wind

Riding your bike up on Mulholland Drive

Oh, I got a five minute rush from

You in your faded blue jeans

How many years is it you've been alive?

Oh I'll take a guess

Rebecca, could it be eighteen, nineteen or so

Ooo, Rebecca, will I ever know?

No way, how will I fit in your life?

How could you live with a man without change?

Too strange and too poor to be trusted

Busted a couple of times

Shaken a bit by the years on the road

And the women I've known

Rebecca, you'd have liked the name I gave to you

Ooo, Rebecca, if you only knew...

Go home, to your father's friend's straight sons

To your mother's friend's sweet ones

To the families, so well-to-do and so well-established and

One day, you might wake up to a shock girl

What has it come to?... this sensible life

The wife of a fool...

Rebecca, reading magazines in a chic salon

Ooo, Rebecca... where's Rebecca gone?