The Turning - For You lyrics

All my life I've waited for a love beyond belief
Now I'm learning to see, I'm learning to see
All my dreams magnificence
Have dwindled in your light
Now I'm learning to dream
I'm learning to dream

I'm coming alive, I've come alive
I'll live for you
I'll dream for you
I'm all for you

I spoke the words that closed your heart
And hid the only key
Now I'm learning to fear, I'm learning to fear
I raised my voice to fight a war
But lost the will to speak
I'm learning to lose, I'm learning to lose

And our journey has begun
And the hardest part is on us
When emotions come undone
And all the world is thrown at us
Let me be so close to you
That all your fears are shown through my tears
Let me be for you and you for me
Let's live this dream

I am for you
I will for you
I'm all for you