The Troggs - The Yella In Me lyrics

I was strollin' down the sidewalk with my girl by my side
When a great big hunk a fella' came and pushed me aside
I said "hey Bud I spose you think it's some kind of joke"
The next thing I remember he was jumpin' on my throat
With my last few breaths I said, "hey, Bud can't you see"
"That you started bringin' out the yella in me"

Now this fella rose above me and he started to grin
So I used what little strength I had and stuck one on his chin
He tore off the arm that did it and he threw it aside
And for a while I lost the sight in both of my eyes
I didn't have to say a word my girlfriend could see
That this fella started bringing out the yella in me

Now, I had to show this fella that I couldn't be beat
So I tried to make a stand there while I still had my feet
I think I made the wrong move and his patience wore thin
Cause it took three surgeons day and night to graft back my skin
About this time I was shoutin' from the top of the tree
That this fella started bringin' out the yella in me

My advice to you my friend is that if you ever see
A fella walkin' down the street and he's six foot three
Be sure to try and pass him walk on down the other side
Cause if you don't he'll leave you in a state of suicide
I just didn't listen look what happened to me
Now this fella's finished bringin' out the Yella in me