The Toasters - Ain't Nuthin' lyrics

Music con dis I play pon de sound whey lead de way
Each and every night and every day rudebwoy
Yea yea yea
Ting called ain't nothin' gonna to stop us no way
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah no way
Hear me!

Toasters been playing ska music from back in the days
Yo though the line up gone through many a change
Those who've gone have gone away
But those are here are here to stay
I wish dem good luck on aw pon dem journey
But back to the matter and the order of the day
Ska's bustin like fever while its spreading like plague
It make's you feel nice in a whole heap a ways
And nona of us listen when da critics want say becon
Noooww Noooww yea
Noooww Listen...

Now we're driving in de snow on our way to a show
I woke to see the van was out of control
Mass hysteria and a lot of drama
It seem like de Toasters have lost their future

Thanks to the blessing from the father up ahead
He heard every scream and every word that we said
So he guided up to safety so we weathered the storm
That's why we're here tonight to kick rumpus pus pon de lawn
Noooww Noooww yea
Noooww Noooww eh

Everybody has a band which they rate as the best
Regardless of the music you can't dispute this
But some people miss the concept of two tone music
Its out to unite the massive not divide the races
But still some act childish and take no notice
Start fights, dis girls, and throw dem punches
You better check yourself before you step to dis
You better ask somebody I ain't no counterfeit
I said...
Noooww ah Noooww ah noooww ah
Noooww noooww ah Noooww