The Tiger Lillies - Mad Man In The Curtains lyrics

There's a mad man in the curtains and he's come on you to feed
He wants to rip you open, he wants to watch you bleed
He wants each sense, emotion, in you to denude
He wants each rational thought in you to confuse
The mad man in the curtains wants to fill you with unease
He wants to take your mind and fill it with disease
He wants to fill you to overflowing with self-loathing and disgust
Abuse every moment of naivete and trust
The mad man of the curtain wants to make a fool of you
Rip out your self-respect and on it stamp and chew
He wants to humiliate beat you black and blue
He wants to pervert and twist each decent thing in you
The mad man of the the curtain wants to rip you limb from limb
Leave you a shattered shell bloated with every sin
He wants to leave you disorientated and destroyed
A gaping orifice for girl, animal or boy
The mad man of the curtains