The Tiger Lillies - I Cried lyrics

When I was a little girl
My mother died
My father took himself
A new bride

My father didn't know
His new wife's ways
I was like a servant
Scrubbed the floor every day

I cried
I cried

How I missed my mother
The only one who me loved
As I upon my knees
On the floor would scrub

My stepmother would only
Give me scraps to eat
Whenever she felt like it
She used to me beat

I cried
I cried

My father couldn't see
The evil of his wife
The misery with which
She drove my life

My father was a weak man
My father he was weak
And of my evil stepmother
Not a bad word I could speak

I cried
I cried

I cried over my mother's grave
I cried every night
My tears flowed over it
Until the daylight

And if my stepmother saw
Any of this
She would laugh in my face
And she would take the piss

I cried
I cried