The Tiger Lillies - High-Heel Shoes lyrics

You sell your fat for money and work the freakshow booths in high-heel shoes
You dance the ballerina they laugh at every move in high-heel shoes
You sell yourself for money while they laugh and take the piss
You hate them when they laugh at you, then blow them a kiss

You’re eating twenty chickens, you eat them every day
You eat them as they watch and as they look away
So now you’re getting fatter the fat on you does grow
You’re getting bigger every year until your heart does go

You dance the ballerina the fat on you will swell
So you just keep on eating the freakshow’s biggest girl
Now you’re bending over and shaking what you’ve got
And as you shake it baby they all shout fucking slut

You sell your fat for money,
You sell your fat for money…
… In high-heel shoes