The Tiger Lillies - Augustus lyrics

Augustus was a chubby lad
Great fat ruddy cheeks Augustus had
He always did as he was told
And he never let his soup get cold

So everybody saw they saw with joy
The hale and hearty healthy boy
But then one day one sad fateful day
He cried out take that nasty soup away

The second day comes the picture shows
How weak and thin Augustus grows
But when the soup is put on the table
He cries out loud as he is able

The third day comes oh what a sin
Augustus grows so pale and thin
Yet though he grows so weak and ill
He cries out cries out cries out still

Take that nasty soup away
I don't want any soup today

The fourth day comes the fourth day comes
And he scarcely weighs a sugar plum
He's like a little bit of thread
And on the fifth day the fifth day the fifth day
He was dead