The Telescopes - Suffercation lyrics

Don't let me loose it
My hold on me that you keep
In too many situtations
"Such-a-lot-like-that" sensations
Let me breathe i'm choking
How can just you surround me

You're using up my situation
Complications and irritations
Don't wanna talk or think about it
Insinuations becoming habits
I've got a friend who's just like that
Such a lot like that
Everything was different maybe

Oh please, don't you see, so real, for a time
Oh please, leave me, for a while
With suffercation

Sometimes take the time to wonder
If you'll ever pull me under
Don't need you to correct me
Select, erect or redirect me
I saw a film and it helped me over
Now i think i know where you are
Please don't try to burn me out girl
With suffercation