The Tear Garden - Six Of One lyrics

Take me to the other side
Take me on a joyride in a plastic capsule
Wash it down and wish the day away
The fear of flying's creeping slow
Can feel that paranoia seeping through these palms
Two lifelines winding somewhere out in space
And now I'm choking in this seat, A-33
But please believe me,
It could be a throne if you were here with me
A touch is all I need
But I'm alone, your picture bleeds for me
What exactly do you see in me?
Or I in you? Or I in you?
In our dreams we can connect
In our dreams it all seems perfect
But when morning comes, there comes the dive,I'm half alive, just half alive
And I divide ...I'll shout into the chasm of your despair
Your pleas will be answered with echoes
Me, mocking, mimicking
I don't forgive
I can't forgive you for clinging onto my coattails
Pulling me down into clinging mudInto your pit
Into your past
Into this half-world
And if I could, I'd cast you aside
But I carry your pity
You infect me, you live inside me
Squat on my shoulders, press me down
So stand up, fight me if you dare
Be a man, divide
I said, be a man, divide