The Stupids - Reinventing Apathy lyrics

Another mindless city day
As the summer heat gives way to another rainy twilight
We wrap ourselves in coats of alcohol
And mumble numb regrets to keep us warm another night

What once was a world full of potential
Is now another city street I've walked a thousand times
I've spent my life looking for answers
But found only more questions adding to the burden on my mind

I remember a day seemed so important
Back when we were kids
But the rooms all got smaller as we all got taller
And now the world seems too fucking big

So now instead of laughing
We perform passion plays of apathy
And watch as potential bleeds
I've walked the soles off both my shoes
I've stabbed a whole through city blues
Through which all the acid rain poured through

And now here's the jaded sunrise
I watch through my glazed over eyes
If I could undo everything I haven't done
I'd trade anything for these neglected times