The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - The Storm lyrics

from the beggining of time we’re all put in a line
with cowards and cops,
and business men with suits
same shape same form
with no identity we’re born
to keep the country clean
and cuz of that i’m mean
we’re breeding and seeding
like clones in this room
no truth or past where
we all come from its sad
you see we’re all shaped
to be a cop, soldier, the president, and queen bee.
blood trickles down my arm
and its attacking like a storm,
severed and faint, aint the feeling great,
i cut off my life line and killed what i hate
alone and weathered with the T.V. box
with subliminal messages that hold me with locks
i think that i was driven here with a serated edge sharpened like a spear
c’mon now you got what you wanted,
a brainwashed soul and 6 billion others
this sickness has gone too far,
you got double bogey while shooting for par
you’ve created a monster out of men,
why can’t you fucking see
i never knew what war was,
now that its upon lets blow the world up
but i wish i could live in a world
where everybody gets along
we’ll all live in harmony
and sing this motherfuckin song
thats not the truth i say everything i want
goes the wrong way
cuz if i wanted to die i’d just brake my neck
and be paralized
lets blow the world up,
so we don’t have to deal with each other anymore,
no more fucking storm
its not easy though everyone’s against us
they wanna make us suffer,
and makes things on us tougher.
where does this madness come from,
is it the heat and power of this sun
it boils you up to yer last thread ,
and when its that weak
many people end up dead religions contradict themselves,
and satan’s soul is controlling my mind
come close and look me in the eyes,
theres a firey pit thats evil inside.!!!!