The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Carbombs Are Cool lyrics

Flippin through the channels past cnn,
I saw amusement bring to an end
20 people’s lives all innocent ,
doing what they do like its another day
Tha mother fucker blew up takin the life inside,
and threw bystandards high in the sky
Israeli suicide bombers are no fuckin fools,
they changed my mind thinking carbombs are cool

Laughin hard through my stomache ulcer,
I was so intrigued I hardly felt the pain
And deep down inside I know this is wrong,
But the evil in me struck my evil chord
Whether there was reason or not I don’t give a fuck
The flames in the air brought me memories of hell
And satan’s trident of which he’d cast his evil
To the unsuspecting fools who are ready to die.

Yer god is dead. With evil like this
Proves satan’s alive and living fine
And you think yer all living a good life
Wait for the clouds to cover yer house!