The String Cheese Incident - Las Vegas lyrics

In my dream I took an ancient throne
In a garden back in ancient Rome
Hand in hand with a maiden fair
We glided through psilocybin air

The fountains flowed and the moon it glowed
Lighting statues made of marble
10 feet tall in the perfect likeness
of Bogart and Greta Garbo

I thought that I might touch the toe
Of a goddess carved by Michelangelo
It was nothin' but a piece of styrofoam
And I wrote it down in my journal

'Cuz it reminded me that I was in Las Vegas

While traveling in gay París
There was something I just had to see
An architectural feat to which
A rival simply does not exist

The frame, interlaced, rising up into space
The Eiffel Tower, it called me
Exuding with charm with my girl on my arm
But the words I heard appalled me:

It was twelve bucks a pop to get to the top!
And that reminded me that I was in Las Vegas

We arrived at the Luxor, Mandalay Bay
Trying to find a table that pays
The roller coaster at New York, New York
In the buffet line I saw Bjork

Bjork, Bjork, is that you?
I can't believe it, this is so cool!
Remember me from Cincinnati?
I was in the front row, smokin' a fatty!

transposed from 10/30/2010 by: TheDreadfulGreat