The String Cheese Incident - Black Clouds lyrics

Black clouds rollin' up the valley
black clouds coverin' up the sun
black clouds rollin' up the valley
how can I be sure that you're the one?

Rivers rushin' through the canyon
rivers rollin' through the hills
rivers rushin' through the canyon
I got a restless heart I can't keep still

See this path we're on comin' to the fork now
forest blocks the light of day
on this pathway we must make a choice now
stick together or go our separate ways

Thunder clappin' in the treetops
sparks shoot out in the night
thunder clappin' in the treetops
it's hard to tell who's wrong and who is right

Fire ragin' in the woodlands
smoke blows across the fields
fire ragin' in the woodlands
you don't really know the way I feel