The Step Kings - Recognition lyrics

I couldn’t see it any other way
I took a run with the money with my last pay on a holiday
Middle of the road – squeezin’ on my lymph nodes
I couldn’t wait a week to finally change my zip code
All the cronies at home keep poppin’ babies out
When every day I just pray that I can feed my mouth
Some power managed to drag me to the state of New York
Ever since I was young, I had a dream to court

All I need is recognition

Everyone acts so bizarre
Thank God I know who my friends are
I couldn’t find a stable hide-a-way
When you live in a van, not at ease, no one to catch your fall
Unfit and teary-eyed, broken at my bad luck
No family around to ever want to give a fuck
My brother loses his mind he joins the rest the rest of us
Bite the bullet and stay close with whom you trust
Believe in number one and number two will never be you
Merely east coast style from the heart, and it’s true

When eyes look at I they see desire
Dead straight ahead they focus with blinders
A fat chance, no luck
Just keep rolling the dice ‘til I’m down on my last buck
I feel alive and the reason is callin’
Work through the night then go to work in the morning
It’s first come, first serve
Next come, last rites… and you’re over