The Spangle Maker - The Automaton's Rebellion lyrics

The buzzing sparks
Bring the drone to life
Pretty yourself
And then you're on the run
To beat the other cogs and punch-in the hours
So abstract machines can continually devour
Forget all you know and all you aspire
For your soul is appraised
At a reduced price

Drive through the sprawl
Drink café au lait
Be sure to medicate
And then count all your greens
And try to stay afloat in spite of your drowning
In futile treasures and materiel amounting
When in the public eye, you're ruthlessly critiqued.
They ask me, "Have you made the mark?"
Then I say:

Do you think I shall spend the years of my youth
Fixing your expanding and all-consuming universe?
Do you think I shall spend the wages of the day
On items acquired by a suave-looking cutpurse?
There's a greater world beyond the four-lane run-around
Beyond meandering paths and the recent developments.
So before you can stake a claim on my persona
I'm going to raise the sails and leave these cesspool shores
To new frontiers
To the promised land
Where I can breathe
Where I can live
Away from the muck
Away from the slime
Formed from the sin
Of our fathers

So now I'm armed
I speak heresies
I draw the sword
To cut down the foe.
I raise high the blade to smite what I've rejected
And remind the vanquished tyrant of his outcome expected.
I turn then to the crowd who is ready to banish
And with a smile I make my denouement

Westward bound we head for a mountainous horizon
And behind us we see the congested lights disappear at last
Smells of countryside unlock memory's treasure chest
And evokes the presence of all time here in the virgin's land.
I take hold the reins of my chariot-life
To guide it through the skies and toward the final destination.
An automaton no more ... I now ask myself ...