The Spacemakers - Space Lover lyrics (Chinese translation). | Spacelover x2
, across the space, around the stars
, i found the earth, to meet you there
, i...
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The Spacemakers - Space Lover (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Spacelover x2
ZH: Spacelover x 2

EN: across the space, around the stars
ZH: 整个恒星周围的空间,

EN: i found the earth, to meet you there
ZH: 找到了,地球,没有见到你

EN: i take you with me, tripm to the moon
ZH: 你带我去月球踏

EN: one breath the sky, just me and you
ZH: 一呼吸天空,只是我和你

EN: desire in the eyes, the touch in the heart
ZH: 眼中的欲望,碰在心

EN: i will make it real, for nothing is real
ZH: 我会让它真实的什么都不是真正

EN: anymore x3
ZH: 再 x 3

EN: spacelover x2
ZH: spacelover x 2

EN: space
ZH: 空间

EN: spacelover you ask
ZH: spacelover 你问问

EN: I tell you once, set free your fears
ZH: 你的恐惧告诉你一次,释放

EN: free like the wind, eternal threats
ZH: 自由像风一样永恒的威胁

EN: the countdown stars, relax don't move
ZH: 倒计时星,放松不动

EN: the pilot's me, the trys you hard
ZH: 飞行员的我,试问你硬

EN: desire in my eyes, you touch in my heart
ZH: 在我眼中的愿望你碰在我的心

EN: the bluer make it real, for love in my dream
ZH: 忧郁做出真实的为我梦中的爱

EN: anymore x2
ZH: 再 x 2

EN: spacelovers x5
ZH: spacelovers x 5