The Skatastrophes - It Never Ends lyrics

So at the end of the day
I'll try to pay attention to what you say
But when the night's at an end
I really don't feel like being your friend
I've heard all the things they've said
I know it'll never end
What do you do when your best friends
Are the late night shows and the things you wish she said?

I'm stuck in this never-ending cycle
And I'm drowning in denial of those things I NEVER SAID.
But I know that someday it'll be okay
She doesn't matter anyway you know
But still, I've gotta say that

I think that there's nothing left to lose
I'm surprised we've come this far
I think that there's nothing left to prove
But what can I tell all my friends
When all I got is four chords and a stupid ska band?

So now I think I'm giving up
I know I might as well cause I'll fuck it up and
I know I'll never be what I want
because they always get the better of me
I've been thinking way too much and
I've been drinking way too much and
I've been having so much fun
that I think for a minute I forgot just who I was

Maybe it's all right
Maybe I'm just fine
Maybe it's not what I've said
Maybe it's okay
Maybe there's some way
Maybe it's all in my head.