The Siddeleys - Bedlam On The Mezzanine lyrics

Crash the gate, don't be late, the boys at The Mecca will not wait
It's half past nine, the bus is on time and the coloured bulbs beckon to the shrine
Of the high-heeled place with the chewing gum face, of beer and hairspray and the thrill of the chase,
Outside, in the car park, desperate love-stuff in the dark

I hope tomorrow never comes, every moment should be like this
I hope tomorrow never comes, I want to go in a blaze of bliss

Mary for Paul on the concrete wall - write it large and no harm will befall this boy/girl dream
But a silent scream means all's not as perfect as it seems
Smashed compact mirror means seven years of high-rise nothing and endless tears
Washing lines, TV times, petty rows and petty crimes

I hope tomorrow never comes - I need to crawl into a kiss
Six months may be half a year, but it's forever when it's spent like this -
Tied up trust…

It just leads to monstrous scenes
Bedlam on the mezzanine
It just leads to monstrous scenes -
Better then, to sob in silence…