The Sensational Skydrunk Heartbeat Orchestra - Admire Me lyrics

No, I don't want you no harm
There is nothing that I want from you
But maybe you could notice my charm
And consequently fall for me

Everybody needs to be loved
And we all have a hunger for fame
One is sucking on the nipple of love
While his brother's becoming vain

Admire me, admire me
Don't you want to be my friend?

Laugh at my jokes, drink the words from my lips
Touch my knees and then suddenly blush
Pat me on my back, raise your pint and then brag
That we always have been the best friends

Don't choke on the rich taste of praise
If you gulp it, you will surely drown
People that don't see through the haze
Are about to lose what they have found

Everything depends on my will
Everything is in my hands
It's your poison that is making me ill
But you can go to hell