The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Framed (1972)

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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Framed lyrics

I'm walking down the street mindin' my own affair
when two policemen grabbed me and I'm unaware
They said "Is your name Alexander?" and I said "Why, sure!"
They said "You're the cat that we've been looking for."
But I was framed
I was framed
I never did nothing
but now I was, I was framed

The cops took me to a little room where the bright lights shine
there was ten poor souls like me standin' in the line
I knew I was the victim of somebody's evil plan
when a stool pigeon looked at me an' said....

That's your man!


Then the public prosecutor started prosecutin' me
that man wanted to find what was my pedigree
He said "Where were you on the third of June 1963?"
Them cats with rubber hoses started givin' me the third degree....