The Seer - I Need The Energy lyrics

"Der nächste Song handelt von der einzigen Energie, die man um diese Zeit
Wirklich brauchen kann, das ist die Energie zwischen zwei Menschen.
This is I Need The Energy!"

The city wakes up a brand new morning
Daylight crawls through my window
I'm a train that runs in the wrong direction
Don't know where I've come from don't know where to go
A million things waiting for me
Another night lost and betrayed
Caught in a maze no way out
A sweet lie turned its face away

Like a ship needs an anchor
Like a flower needs a bee
Like a fish needs the water
I need the energy
I need the energy between you and me

I run in circles world keeps turning
I thought I was on my way home
There once was a fortress around my soul
But I think if you're free you're alone

Like a ship...

Like a ship...