The Seekers - How Lost Without A Purpose lyrics

Darkness hinders your soul
The little light it has
Is consumed by broken dreams
Those broken dreams
Are all you have
Where does this leave you?

Reflecting on your life
Shades of gray and black appear
Nothing is truly vibrant
Throughout time
Lack of color scammed you
Making you assume life pointless

See my wrists
I've lived your pain
I made it out alive
I'll tell you my secret
But don't turn away
For the road is narrow

Look for the light that dwells within
The answer resides there
In the depths of your soul
Prepare room in your heart
For true Light to stay
You cannot truly live on your own

With this new found knowledge
Glance towards the future
The shades of black and gray
Fade behind the inviting shades of color
Your pointless existence dissolves away
And your true life begins.