The Seedy Seeds - Drive Me To The Center lyrics

Drive me to the center
Where the engines move the city
And the buildings duck and swell
Like a splendid carousel
Carry all to destinate
And clean the tracks of dividends

Oh, the fluid, blurring landscape
From the backseat window darling
Does the pavement bend the trees?
As we hurry our machines
With every pinch the center spreads
Into our limbs, into our heads

I have in my eyes
If we step to the side
We can be let go
You think I'll unwind
You think so you know

I can't seem to shake off the times
Every place is sought with straight lines
Oh well, oh well

And time lines go forever
But memories drown with summer
There are some that do hold on
And they build them into homes
And it splits their selves in two
Half of me, I'm half of you