The Scabs - Where I’m At lyrics

I might be a man of riches
Might be on top of the world
But I'd still feel like a pauper
If I wasn't with you girl
I might be the king in the castle
Might have my cake and eat it too
But baby it don't matter
If I ain't with you

Baby it's a fact
Believe it's true
That I like where I'm at
Whenever I'm with you

I might be freezin my ass off
Knee deep in snow
Might be in the middle of the ocean
On a sinking row boat
I might be down on my luck
I might be busted and through
But it doesn't matter
Baby if I'm with you

I might be far from my home
Is some strange distant place
But I'd be alright baby
If I could see your sweet face
I might not have a dollar
Not even a penny to my name
I might have burned all my bridges
But I'd still feel the same

Now there've been times in my life
When I felt so alone
I'd cry myself to sleep
I'd turn my heart to stone
I thought that fallen in love
Was something I'd never do
But that was back in the day
Long before I met you

I might be in the middle of nowhere
In the land of the hurt
I might be haunted by demons
I might be lost in my work
I might be out in the rain
I might be just getting by
I might be ready to run
I might be telling a lie