The Rubinoos - Go Go Go Tokyo lyrics


They’ve got the GS Sounds
That I wanted to hear
To my ears
They've got the fuzziest fuzz
And the Wha-iest wha
They've got the raar-raar sounds on their guitars
I wanna...

Go Go Go Back To Tokyo
Go Go Go Back To Tokyo
Go Go Go Back To Tokyo

Sesame ice cream
And sushi too
Iced coffee in a can
Hot and cold sake, agadashi tofu
Indoor surf
Karaoke bars
Bullet trains and baseball stars, I wanna...


Pop Explosion is Number One
In the home of Godzilla and the rising sun
Neon flash to make Vegas blush
It's such a rush, it's such a rush, it’s such a rush
It’s such a rush

T-shirt phrases
To make you say, "what?!"
It's some kind of English but it's totally nuts I wanna....