The Roots - The Otherside (feat. Bilal & P.O.R.N) (Undun Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: Black Thought]
, Yo, we obviously need to tone it down a bit
, Running round town spending...

The Roots - The Otherside (feat. Bilal & P.O.R.N) (Undun Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: Black Thought]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 黑色思想]

EN: Yo, we obviously need to tone it down a bit
ZH: 哟,我们显然需要音下来一点

EN: Running round town spending time like it’s counterfeit
ZH: 运行花费时间像是冒牌的倒圆角镇

EN: Everybody catching hay fever like sinuses
ZH: 每个人都像窦捕捉花粉热

EN: Step in my arena let me show y’all who the highness is
ZH: 在我的舞台上步让我告诉你们殿下是谁

EN: You might say I could be doing something positive
ZH: 你可能会说我可以做一些积极的

EN: Humbled head down low and broke like promises
ZH: 折服的头下低和承诺像破产了

EN: Soaking and broken in a joke like comics is
ZH: 浸泡和破碎的笑话像漫画是

EN: Not enough paper to be paying folks compliments
ZH: 没有足够的纸还要支付乡亲致意

EN: But when that paper got low so did my tolerance
ZH: 但这份文件得到了低那有什么我宽容

EN: And it ain’t no truth in a dare without the consequence
ZH: 它不是没有道理,后果不敢

EN: Listen if it not for these hood inventions
ZH: 听着,如果它不是为这些烟罩的发明

EN: Id just be another kid from the block with no intentions
ZH: Id 只是另一个孩子从没有用心块

EN: On the dock of that bay serving a life sentence
ZH: 在服刑的生活那湾码头

EN: Even if I’m going to hell I’m gonna make an entrance
ZH: 即使我会下地狱,我会让一个入口

EN: Yeah let em know I’m getting cheese like omletes is
ZH: 是啊让他们明白我讲得像是 omletes 的奶酪

EN: But I’m the toast of the town like Thomas is
ZH: 但我的烤面包的小镇,像托马斯是

EN: [Hook: Bilal]
ZH: [钩: 比拉尔]

EN: We’re all on a journey
ZH: 我们都是一段旅程

EN: Down the hall of memories
ZH: 在大厅的记忆

EN: Don’t worry bout what you ain’t got
ZH: 别担心 bout 你失去了什么

EN: Leave with a little bit of dignity
ZH: 留下一点点的尊严

EN: Never loved what I had
ZH: 从来没爱过我的了

EN: Always felt like I deserved more
ZH: 总觉得像我理应得到更多

EN: But when I
ZH: 但当我

EN: Make it to the other side
ZH: 让它到另一边

EN: Make it to the other side
ZH: 让它到另一边

EN: That’s when we’ll settle up the score
ZH: 当我们会付清分数

EN: [Verse 2: Black Thought]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 黑色思想]

EN: Yo , we did this in remembrance of
ZH: 哟,我们这么做纪念

EN: Faces from the past
ZH: 过去的脸

EN: We no longer have an image of
ZH: 我们不会再有的图像

EN: Carrying cold blood hearts
ZH: 携带冷血的心

EN: That never been for love
ZH: 那永远不是为爱

EN: Brothers keep going for theirs but never get enough
ZH: 兄弟会持续他们,但不是能再

EN: World travelers that seen it all
ZH: 世界旅行者,都见过了

EN: And did enough
ZH: 没有足够

EN: Only to return to learn
ZH: 仅以返回到学习

EN: The world wasn’t big enough
ZH: 世界并不是足够大

EN: Damn, how long has it been?
ZH: 妈的多长时间了?

EN: I guess the jig is up
ZH: 我猜是向上的跳汰机

EN: Now all I know is I’m about to wake this nigga up
ZH: 现在我知道的就是我要唤醒爱我的

EN: Yeah that hindsight 20/20 now niggas dead on the money
ZH: 是啊,事后 20/20 现在钱上死了我的心

EN: Trying to take something from me
ZH: 从我些

EN: It’s a wrap like mummy
ZH: 它是像木乃伊一样的自动换行

EN: Undone I am becoming and…
ZH: 撤消我变得 and…

EN: When he’s tired of running
ZH: 当他已经厌倦了运行

EN: Through the layers of the onion
ZH: 通过洋葱的一层

EN: He’ll probably shed a tear
ZH: 他很可能会流下了眼泪

EN: Cause they’ll be no more fast times
ZH: 他们将会是没有更多快速的原因倍

EN: Just his weak mind scrolled out like a bad sign
ZH: 只是他弱的脑海滚动出像是坏兆头

EN: He never had enough and got confused when they asked why
ZH: 他永远不会腻了,搞糊涂了,当他们问为什么

EN: Life is only a moment in time and it passed by
ZH: 生命是只有一个时间的时刻,它通过

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: [Verse 3: P.O.R.N.]
ZH: [诗歌 3: P.O.R.N.]

EN: I’m sitting on top of the world ready to jump off
ZH: 我坐在世界准备跳下来的顶部

EN: Thinking of various ways to break law
ZH: 打破法律的各种方法的思考

EN: Thinking that enough is enough but still I want more
ZH: 思维足够够了,但我仍希望更多

EN: Thinking of how I’m playing with fire tht burned my young boy
ZH: 思考如何我玩消防 tht 烧我年轻男孩

EN: By any means necessary… don’t give a damn
ZH: 以任何方式 necessary… 不会在乎

EN: So every night I’m on a flight that never lands
ZH: 所以每晚我在飞机上从来没有土地

EN: Be an asshole when the shit hits the fan
ZH: 当出纰漏的屁眼

EN: Or bet your life on a bluff and a bad hand
ZH: 或你的生活赌布拉夫和坏的手

EN: Can’t win/can’t lose
ZH: 不能赢/不能失去

EN: Get ‘em gassed leave em leaking fuel
ZH: Get 扑克毒气伤害离开 em 漏出的燃油

EN: Either way the market moves
ZH: 无论是哪种市场移动

EN: Cash rules kings, queens, prince and princess
ZH: 现金规则国王、 王后、 王子和公主

EN: Every night I’m crossing a line that ain’t the finish
ZH: 每晚我横越一条线不是终点

EN: Every thought is dark as a glass of fucking Guinness
ZH: 每一个想法是黑暗如一杯他妈的吉尼斯

EN: To far gone to come back to my senses
ZH: 要远走回到我的感觉

EN: Now I’m on the edge of my bed making love to my meds
ZH: 现在我的边上的我我麻风病床来爱

EN: Every moments like a pistol to my head
ZH: 每个时刻喜欢的手枪指向我的头

EN: When I’m getting mine
ZH: 当我渐煤矿