The Roots - One Time (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw) (Undun Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1: Phonte]
, Yo, the spirit in the sky scream homicide
, But it was time to ride on some...

The Roots - One Time (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw) (Undun Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1: Phonte]
ZH: [诗歌 1: Phonte]

EN: Yo, the spirit in the sky scream homicide
ZH: 哟,天空中的精神尖叫凶杀案

EN: But it was time to ride on some niggas funny talking
ZH: 但它是骑上一些黑鬼搞笑谈话的时间

EN: If too much money talking
ZH: 如果太多钱说话

EN: We make em economize
ZH: 我们使 em 节约

EN: Real rap – no tails spinning, such is the life of a
ZH: 真正的 rap — — 没有尾巴,旋转,生活就是这样的

EN: Kam-I-Ka-Ze pilot
ZH: 鉴-我-Ka-Ze 飞行员

EN: We wylin out of control until we all make the funny papers like Comic-Con
ZH: 我们的控件,直到我们都使漫画像动漫 wylin

EN: Feared in all streets so, if you ever see me out in y’all streets
ZH: 所以,如果你见我在你们的街道在所有街道担心

EN: Find another one to occupy
ZH: 发现另一个人占据

EN: I never hope for the best
ZH: 我永远不希望最好

EN: I wish a nigga would
ZH: 我希望你会

EN: Turn around and walk away
ZH: 转身走开

EN: I wish a nigga could
ZH: 我希望你能

EN: Listen to my instincts and say fuck the rest
ZH: 听我的直觉,说他妈,其余

EN: But once you’ve had the best better ain’t as good
ZH: 但一旦你有最好的更好不好

EN: Weak-heartedness cannot be involved
ZH: 本公司弱不能进行

EN: Stick to the script nigga fuck your improv
ZH: 坚持为脚本你他妈的你 improv

EN: Like the samurai
ZH: 像武士

EN: The street’s Hammurabi Code
ZH: 华尔街的拉比代码

EN: Play your part shut the fuck up and do as I was told
ZH: 发挥你的部分关闭他妈的,据我所知

EN: [Hook #1]
ZH: [钩 # 1]

EN: I was always late for the bus
ZH: 我总是迟到,公共汽车

EN: Just once can I be on time
ZH: 只需一次会准时

EN: Then I start to think what’s the rush
ZH: 然后我开始想急什么呀

EN: Who wants to be on time
ZH: 谁想准时

EN: Feeling unlucky and if I ever got lucky it was one time
ZH: 感觉运气不好,如果我收到过幸运它是一次

EN: In this crazy world
ZH: 在这个疯狂的世界

EN: [Verse 2: Black Thought]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 黑色思想]

EN: Not a thing I fear besides fear itself
ZH: 不是个东西恐怕除了恐惧本身

EN: This is clearly a lesson learned for someone else
ZH: 这显然是为别人的教训

EN: Reach for the crown of thorns upon the shelf
ZH: 伸手去拿架子的荆棘冠冕

EN: Cross around my neck
ZH: 在我的脖子交叉

EN: I’ve been taught by stealth
ZH: 我被教导的隐身

EN: Capture this moment in time… it’s a smash and grab
ZH: 捕获这一时刻的时间 … … 它是粉碎和抓斗

EN: And where my party people y’all finna have a blast
ZH: 在我的聚会的人你们都 finna 有爆炸

EN: You say goodbye… I say hello first and last
ZH: 你说送别 … …我首先说你好和最后一个

EN: Hello-Hello… Now all of y’all elevate your glass
ZH: 你好 Hello…现在所有的你们都提升你的杯子

EN: To an example of what time will do to you
ZH: 什么时候的例子会对你做

EN: When those nameless things just keep on eluding you
ZH: 当那些无名的东西只是保持在规避您

EN: When shit is new to you and lies is true to you
ZH: 当狗屎是新给你,而在于是对你忠诚

EN: Words of suspects-usual… coming though to you
ZH: 嫌疑人-usual… 到你们的词

EN: Man, I guess if I was ever lucky it was one time
ZH: 老兄,我想我是不是永远幸运的是这是一次

EN: Then I went missing looking for the sublime
ZH: 然后失踪老翁寻找崇高

EN: A nigga stayed low left the ladder unclimbed
ZH: 留低的爱离开 unclimbed 的阶梯

EN: Time after time, verse blank, the line unrhymed
ZH: 一次又一次,诗歌空白、 线 unrhymed

EN: [Hook #2]
ZH: [钩 # 2]

EN: You ever wonder what’s the big fuss..
ZH: 你永远不知道什么是大不了...

EN: For everyone be on time
ZH: 每个人都能准时

EN: What’s the big deal, why do they feel
ZH: 是什么大不了的他们为什么会觉得

EN: The need to have us marching on line
ZH: 需要我们行军行上

EN: Feeling unlucky and if I’d ever got lucky it was one time
ZH: 感觉运气不好,如果我曾经得过幸运是一次

EN: In this crazy world
ZH: 在这个疯狂的世界

EN: [Verse 3: Dice Raw]
ZH: [诗歌 3: 骰子原料]

EN: I wonder when you die do you hear harps and bagpipes
ZH: 不知你死的时候你听到琴瑟和风笛

EN: If you born on the other side of the crack pipe
ZH: 如果你出生裂纹管道的另一边

EN: Niggas learn math just to understand the crack price
ZH: 爱学习数学只是为了了解裂纹价格

EN: Then drive in head first like the jack knife
ZH: 在第一次像杰克刀头然后开车

EN: Cause out here, yo you niggas can’t belly flop
ZH: 原因出在这里,哟你爱不能肚子翻牌

EN: If you wanna make the noise inside your belly stop
ZH: 如果你想要你的肚子站内的噪音

EN: One time means being on the front line
ZH: 一次是指上前线

EN: Being on the front line means ducking one time
ZH: 在前线被指肉鸭一次

EN: The pendulum swinging my way- couldn’t be more blind
ZH: 摆摆我方式-不能更盲

EN: Niggas talk to the cops? Not even one time
ZH: 兄弟谈谈警察吗?甚至有一次不

EN: Cause we all going down just like the subprime
ZH: 导致我们所有走就像次级

EN: Or a cheap ass half gallon of Ballantine
ZH: 或廉价的屁股半加仑的簪

EN: But hopping over gates to escape is sublime
ZH: 但跳跃逃脱的盖茨是崇高

EN: Then through the alley way and down to the sub line
ZH: 然后穿过小巷方式和子下线

EN: Tales from the streets
ZH: 从故事街头

EN: A life of high crime
ZH: 一种高犯罪的生活

EN: To make it to the bottom
ZH: 它使底部

EN: Such a high climb
ZH: 这样高的攀登

EN: [Hook #1]
ZH: [钩 # 1]