The Roots - Now Or Never (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook - Dice Raw]
, Everything's changing around me
, And I want to change too
, It's one thing I...
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The Roots - Now Or Never (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook - Dice Raw]
ZH: [钩-骰子原料]

EN: Everything's changing around me
ZH: 一切都围绕着我不断变化

EN: And I want to change too
ZH: 我想也更改

EN: It's one thing I know
ZH: 这是我知道的一件事

EN: It ain't cool being no fool
ZH: 不是很酷的被不傻

EN: I feel different today
ZH: 今天感觉不同

EN: I don't know what else to say
ZH: 我不知道还有什么可以说

EN: But I'mma get my shit together
ZH: 但还要送真心

EN: It's now or never
ZH: 它是现在还是永远不会

EN: [Verse 1- Black Thought]
ZH: [诗歌 1-黑思想]

EN: I'm sick, sick of waiting in vain, tired of playing the game
ZH: 我讨厌,请病假的等待徒劳,累的玩游戏

EN: Thinking of making a change, finally breaking the chains
ZH: 思想进行更改,终于打破枷锁

EN: Every phase, every happening, craze
ZH: 每个阶段,每个正在发生的事情热潮

EN: When it's said and done, my head is right back in a haze
ZH: 它已工作完成之后,我的头是烟霞马上回来

EN: I'm ready for the next chapter and page to start acting my age
ZH: 我准备下一章和页面来启动代理我的年龄

EN: And part ways with Black Thought from back in the days
ZH: 和部分方式与黑思想从后面在天

EN: I'm stargazing from the back of the stage
ZH: 我从舞台的背面观星

EN: Questioning if who y'all praise is worthy of praise
ZH: 质疑如果你们赞是值得称赞

EN: Was the phrase "bygones is bygones"
ZH: 是这一短语"既往不咎是既往不咎"

EN: Niggas who used to be the underdogs is icons
ZH: 曾经是讲求的黑鬼是图标

EN: People say the light shines once in a lifetime
ZH: 人们说一生中一次的月光照

EN: Is this meant like midlife time, or crisis just a little bit like mine
ZH: 这意味着像中年时间或危机只是有点像我一样

EN: I'm thinking not now, but right now
ZH: 我想不是现在,但不是现在

EN: I need some kinda sign that the future is bright now
ZH: 我需要一些有点签署,未来是光明

EN: I fuck around, do the right thing like Spike now
ZH: 我爱你,现在做正确的事情,像穗

EN: The quick and the dead, which one is my lookalike now?
ZH: 快速和死人,哪一个是我的小伙子长得像现在?

EN: I'm moving ahead
ZH: 我动议的未来

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2 - Phonte]
ZH: [诗歌 2-Phonte]

EN: Opportunities lost because I blew them
ZH: 因为把他们炸得失去了机会

EN: On the sunniest days of my life, I cry through them
ZH: 在我生命中的阳光最充足的日子,哭通过它们

EN: Mom's out the picture and Pops, I barely knew him
ZH: 妈妈出来的图片和持久性有机污染物,我几乎不知道他

EN: And I would pray to God but I'm tired of lying to him
ZH: 我会向上帝祈祷,但我已经厌倦了他说谎,他

EN: Tired of trying to run from the things inside of us
ZH: 厌倦了尝试运行内部的事情。美国

EN: Got a lot of fam, and a lot of admirers
ZH: 有很多 fam 和大量的仰慕者

EN: Who tell me that I should aspire to be changed
ZH: 谁告诉我我应该力图改变

EN: But when I think of changing, it's like why even try this shit?
ZH: 但当我认为转变的就是像为什么甚至尝试屁话?

EN: My mind hazy and my thoughts, they get distorted
ZH: 我朦胧的心和我的想法,他们扭曲

EN: I know my good and bad deeds both get recorded
ZH: 我知道我好的和坏的行为这两种获取记录

EN: You do right so your soul can last
ZH: 正确的所以你的灵魂可以最后

EN: But my role is cast before I even audition for it
ZH: 但我的角色投我甚至试听为它之前

EN: So I don't really see an end to my vice
ZH: 所以我并没有看到结束,我的副

EN: It's just false reformation, no end of my strife
ZH: 这是争斗的只是争斗的虚假的改革,没有尽头

EN: Feel the evil overpowering, you can go ahead throw the towel in
ZH: 感觉邪恶的压倒,你可以去提前认输

EN: Cause nigga, that's the end of the fight
ZH: 平凡爱,这是战争的最终

EN: When you can only see the tunnel at the end of the light
ZH: 当你只能看到光的一端隧道

EN: Lights out, party over, it's the end of your life
ZH: 灯出来,方过,它是你生命的终结

EN: And I'm out
ZH: 我出去

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 3 - Dice Raw]
ZH: [诗歌 3-骰子原料]

EN: When I look into the mirror and see my own image
ZH: 当我面对镜子,看看我自己的形象

EN: I feel like there's something else far in the distance
ZH: 我觉得好像还有一些别的东西远的距离

EN: Something I wanna see, but something that's resistant
ZH: 我想看到的东西,但有些东西是耐

EN: And everyday the hurting is growing more persistent
ZH: 日常伤害越来越更持久

EN: I never noticed it before, but now I can't miss it
ZH: 从来没有注意到了它之前,但现在我不能错过

EN: And the constant pounding is driving me ballistic
ZH: 不断的冲击驾驶我弹道

EN: I ran from it for years, but it's still next to me
ZH: 我跑从它多年来,但仍在我身边

EN: And it's growing stronger, taking even less of me
ZH: 它日益强大,以更少的我

EN: I can't fight it now, I know it's just destiny
ZH: 我现在无法对抗,知道它是公正的命运

EN: And I just wonder what's gonna happen when it catches me
ZH: 只是不知道当它捕获我还会发生什么

EN: Will it leave me face down in the Chesapeake?
ZH: 将它让我的脸向下切萨皮克吗?

EN: Or will it just start bringing out the best in me?
ZH: 或将它仅仅是开始拿出最好的我吗?

EN: But is the best in me really just the worst in me
ZH: 但是最好的我真的只是在我最坏

EN: And if so, yesterday could be my anniversary
ZH: 如果这样,昨天就是我的周年

EN: In sinner's court, sip port and have church with me
ZH: 罪人的法庭上,sip 端口和有与我的教会

EN: I'm trying to get rid of these ghosts that's cursing me
ZH: 我试图摆脱这些骂我的鬼

EN: I'm feeling change is an absolute certainty
ZH: 我感觉变化绝对的必然性

EN: Cause what's coming on is a state of emergency
ZH: 对将要到来的什么原因是一种应急状态