The Roots - Make My (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw) (Undun Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Big K.R.I.T]
, I did it all for the money, Lord, it's what it seems
, Well, in the world of night...

The Roots - Make My (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw) (Undun Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Big K.R.I.T]
ZH: [大 K.R.I.T]

EN: I did it all for the money, Lord, it's what it seems
ZH: 我做到了所有的钱,主啊,这是它看起来

EN: Well, in the world of night terrors it's, hard to dream
ZH: 好吧,在世界的夜惊的是硬的梦想

EN: Holl'n Cash Rules Everything, let's call it (C.R.E.A.M.)
ZH: Holl'n 现金规则的一切,让我们叫它 (C.R.E.A.M)。

EN: 'cause when it rises to the top, you get, the finer things
ZH: 因为它上升到顶部时,你把美好的事物

EN: Oceanfronts, rollin blunts, with model chicks
ZH: Oceanfronts,罗林钝,与模型小鸡

EN: and sayin grace over lobster and steak
ZH: 在龙虾、 牛排说宽限期

EN: like, "Please forgive us for ridin Benzes with camera plates"
ZH: 像,"请原谅我们用相机板材 ridin 宾士"

EN: Too busy lookin backwards for jackers to pump my brakes
ZH: 太忙向后找 jackers 泵刹车

EN: For help sign to symbolize the lives that hunger takes
ZH: 为帮助标志,象征着饥饿的生活需要

EN: Addicted to the green, if I don't ball I'll get the shakes
ZH: 沉迷于绿色,如果我不球我就抖

EN: I'd give it all for peace of mind, for heaven's sake
ZH: 我会把它所有的安心,看在上帝的份

EN: My heart's so heavy that the ropes that hold my casket break
ZH: 我的心如此沉重的绳索,按住我的棺材里休息时间

EN: 'cause everything that wasn't for me, I had to chase
ZH: 因为不是我的一切,我不得不追

EN: I had to chase...
ZH: 我不得不追......

EN: [Chorus: Dice Raw]
ZH: [合唱: 骰子原料]

EN: They told me that the ends, won't justify the means
ZH: 他们告诉我目的,不正当的手段

EN: They told me at the end, don't justify the dreams
ZH: 他们告诉我在结束时,不要辩解的梦想

EN: that I've had since a child, maybe I'll throw in the towel
ZH: 我过以来一个孩子,也许我就把扔毛巾

EN: Make my (make my) make my (make my) hardship from the world
ZH: 使我 (让我) 使我 (让我) 艰苦条件从世界

EN: [Black Thought]
ZH: [黑色思想]

EN: Tryin to control the fits of panic
ZH: 尽力控制发作的恐慌

EN: Unwritten and unraveled, it's the dead man's pedantic
ZH: 不成文,揭开,就死了人的卖弄学问

EN: Whatever, see it's really just a matter of semantics
ZH: 不管,看看它是真的只是一个语义学问题

EN: When everybody's fresh out of collateral to damage
ZH: 当每个人都是刚从担保物造成的损害

EN: And, my splayin got me (praying) like a (mantis)
ZH: 我 splayin 让我像 (螳螂) (祈祷)

EN: I begin to vanish, feel the pull of the blank canvas
ZH: 我开始消失,感觉空白画布的拉

EN: I'm contemplatin, that special dedication
ZH: 我是口是心非,那特别的奉献

EN: to whoever it concern, my letter of resignation
ZH: 它关注,对不管是谁,我的信辞职

EN: Fadin, back to black, my dark coronation
ZH: 法丹,回黑色,我暗加冕

EN: The heat of the day, the long robe of muerte
ZH: 天热的长得跟的外袍

EN: That soul's in the atmosphere like airplay
ZH: 那灵魂在大气中的喜欢 airplay

EN: If there's a Heaven I can't find a (Stairway)
ZH: 如果有天堂我找不到 (楼梯)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]