The Roots - Lost Desire (feat. Malik B. & Talib Kwel) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus x2]
, It's the lump in your heart
, Or the pain in your mind
, No one cares what the truth...
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The Roots - Lost Desire (feat. Malik B. & Talib Kwel) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus x2]
ZH: [合唱 x 2]

EN: It's the lump in your heart
ZH: 它是在你的心笔

EN: Or the pain in your mind
ZH: 或在脑海中的痛苦

EN: No one cares what the truth is
ZH: 没有人关心真相是什么

EN: Cause a fortress built on lies
ZH: 导致建立在谎言基础上的一座堡垒

EN: [Malik B.:]
ZH: [马利克 B.:]

EN: I'm exhausted but never ever forfeit
ZH: 累坏了,但从来没有被没收

EN: Y'all just bullshit while I knock a nigga off quick
ZH: 你们只是狗屁虽然我敲掉快速黑鬼

EN: Y'all start speaking in tongues and reaching for guns
ZH: 你们都开始说方言和掏出枪

EN: A militant will put this heat in your lungs
ZH: 一个激进分子会把这种热放在你的肺

EN: The street and the slums, the weekend is done
ZH: 这条街和贫民窟,周末是完成

EN: The local class always show you what [? ] is become
ZH: 局部类始终显示你成为什么 [?]

EN: The seasons are done, and reasons are none
ZH: 季节完成,并且原因无

EN: People dyin' bullets flyin' cause they schemin'[? ] for fun
ZH: 人死 ' 子弹飞原因他们为了好玩纸上谈兵 [?]

EN: It's all of a nightmare, that's right there
ZH: 这是一场噩梦,那就在那里的所有

EN: They hopin' that somebody in the hood just might care
ZH: 他们希望有人在引擎盖可能照顾

EN: With all this protestin' and rallyin'
ZH: 与所有此 protestin' 和 rallyin'

EN: Death toll tallyin'
ZH: Tallyin' 的死亡人数

EN: Foul smells around them [? ] in the alley and
ZH: 在巷子里他们 [?] 周围的异味和

EN: Corner filled with teddy bears, cause they killed a child again,
ZH: 角填充玩具熊,他们又杀了一个孩子的原因

EN: They sing about murder, so it ain't a song it's [?
ZH: 他们唱着关于谋杀,所以它不是一首歌它有 [吗?

EN: Get off the choir with your soft attire,
ZH: 下车与你柔软的服饰,唱诗班

EN: Niggas out here don't give a f**k, cause they lost desire
ZH: 这里的黑人不给变蠢,导致他们失去的愿望

EN: [Chorus x2]
ZH: [合唱 x 2]

EN: [Talib Kweli:]
ZH: [Talib Kweli:]

EN: My city's full of heartbreakers and stargazers
ZH: 我的城市里全是撕心裂肺和观星

EN: Who puff [? ]
ZH: 谁吹 [?]

EN: So they gone with the wind, like Clark Gable,
ZH: 所以他们随风,像克拉克盖博

EN: Breathin' like Darth Vader, believin' in dark angel
ZH: 呼吸像达斯 · 维德,坚信在黑暗天使

EN: Yeah, we got flags, but they not star-spangled
ZH: 是的我们有的标志,但他们不闪星

EN: We not patriotic, the heroes are not them,
ZH: 我们不爱国,英雄不是他们,

EN: Ghetto griots like rims, you stop, they still spin,
ZH: 犹太人区西非歌舞艺人喜欢轮辋,你停止,他们仍然旋转

EN: Tall tales at the bar, witnessed after dark,
ZH: 荒诞不经的故事,在酒吧,入夜后,目睹了

EN: And we still stop in and chicken and [? ]
ZH: 我们仍然在停止和鸡和[? ]

EN: And listen to Rakim
ZH: 听一听

EN: With the [? ] that y'all been
ZH: 与 [?] 那你们了

EN: For realla, I hadn't been schemin' to [? ]ply in
ZH: 为 realla,我没了纸上谈兵到 [?]在帘布层数

EN: You fear us? Fear is self, personified
ZH: 你怕我们吗?恐惧是自我人格化

EN: Payin' homage to homicide
ZH: 杀人赔偿致敬

EN: Prayin' to the dollar sign
ZH: 祈祷美元符号

EN: It's idle[idol] worship
ZH: 它就是空闲 [偶像] 崇拜

EN: The rebel forces
ZH: 叛乱部队

EN: Bodies lie at the foundation of the fortress
ZH: 尸体躺在堡垒的基金会

EN: This is war, we expect some losses
ZH: 这是战争,我们期望一些损失

EN: And we comin' for the heads of the bosses
ZH: 和我们的老板元首我来要

EN: [Chorus x2]
ZH: [合唱 x 2]

EN: [Black Thought:]
ZH: [黑色思想:]

EN: We on some casualties of war shit,
ZH: 我们对一些伤亡战争狗屎

EN: What you stand for, kid?
ZH: 什么你站的孩子?

EN: We in the city where they definitely lost it
ZH: 我们在哪里他们绝对失去了它的城市

EN: You open your eyelids and capped in the ribs
ZH: 你打开你的眼皮和上限的肋骨

EN: Your funeral they have your 12th grade portrait
ZH: 你有你 12 年级画肖像的葬礼

EN: Pretty corpse in casket, bell-shaped orchids
ZH: 漂亮的尸体在棺材,钟形的兰花

EN: Said he 19 and left a self-made fortune
ZH: 说他 19 和左自制的财富

EN: And left three orphans
ZH: 和左边的三个孤儿

EN: Now he in a box with the same chain and watch
ZH: 现在他在一个箱子与相同的链和手表

EN: That never came off him
ZH: 那从来没有从他身上来了

EN: It's a shame what it cost him
ZH: 它是一种耻辱是什么代价

EN: Where he come from it ain't nuthin'
ZH: 在他来的地方不是废柴 '

EN: It's a everyday thing, that's a problem
ZH: 它是日常的事,这是个问题

EN: It's chambers revolving
ZH: 它的分庭旋转

EN: Bustin' like Russian roulette
ZH: 崩溃像俄罗斯轮盘赌

EN: With a full set, then change what the odds is,
ZH: 一个完整的设置,然后更改赔率是什么,

EN: Flames in the mosque, and
ZH: 火焰在清真寺,和

EN: People held hostage
ZH: 人扣作人质

EN: Everyday I struggle, try to get up out the mosh-pit
ZH: 我挣扎,每天都尽量出狂起来

EN: Homicide for profit, tell me how we not sick?
ZH: 凶杀案为利润,告诉我如何我们不病了吗?

EN: This shit is out of control, they can't stop it
ZH: 这东西是不受控制,他们不能阻止它

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Complimentary “Lost Desire” ringtone
ZH: 免费"失去了欲望"铃声