The Rohan Theatre Band - The Lonely Goth Girl lyrics

Lonely Goth girl sighs,
She’s counting out her dreams,
She lays them in a line,
Then she cries herself to sleep,
And that night they rise and fly,
Spreading colours through the air,
And she paints them into flowers,
And she wears them in her hair,
And she dreams that far away,
There might be someone who cares,
And she thinks she hears his name,
But then it fades into despair,
As she waits to find her dreams,
All lie shattered on the floor,
And she takes them in her hand,
And she cries a little more,
And she holds them in her heart,
And she sews them to the seams,
Of a dress that’s made for dancing,
And again she is a queen,
And the moon is still awake,
And the stars are smiling down,
And she dances like a girl,
Who was lost but now is found,
But he had offered her the world,
And it wasn’t his to give,
And the ground comes tumbling up,
To find her weeping like a kid,
So the lonely Goth girl sighs,
Again she’s counting out her dreams,
Again she lays them in a line,
Again she cries herself to sleep.