The Rohan Theatre Band - Song Of Love lyrics

Why can’t I think of love, but only disaster?
I tried to sing of love, but the words come out darker,

Darker than clarinets, Darker than chimneys,
Darker than darkening skies in a black room filled with coal,

I look inside myself and see much that is happy,
But that would dance for joy if only id let me,

But when I write it down,
The words come out darker,
Darker than cherry pie,
Or the black stuff under there,

If I told you that sometimes I wake in the night,
With a smile on my face,
When I look at you lying asleep next to me,
And I know I am safe, safe from the dread,

So when I sing of death and things that upset you,
What I’m trying not to say is just that I love you,

Love you without a curse, or even a warning,
Love you forever and a day, before the end.