The Rocky Fortune - Glass In The Gravel lyrics

One, two, three, it's easy see
To lose all that you know
Just put your glands in the gentle hands
Of my dear madam merlot
She's sure to have you dancing
Singing and swinging and dropping dips
She'll split an atom on your eyelash
Rub a ruby on your lips

Oooh you, Oooh you, let the lesson start now
Oooh you, Oooh you were born to know how

First beat you might bob your head
Two beats to tap your toes,
The third, fourth, fifth, six, seven, eight, ninth beat
You'll shake out your soul
And you'll sweat sweat sweat like it ain't no sweat
Sing sing till your eardrums ring
You'll be the glass in the gravel
You'll make this city sting