The Reunion Show - Star Training lyrics

she wants to be in magazines and be beautiful for everyone to see
it's raining in her room again
so she turns off the TV
she wants to be on movie screens
so she practices her lines
(and her kisses)
she's sleeping in a broken car
that she borrowed from her best friend
she knows one day she'll make me proud
and all the world will look at her now
she smiles politely as she steps out of her dreams and wakes up
her eyes are open
the dream is over
the sky is falling
it's broken, it's broken
training to be a star, you know that you are...
he writes books of poetry
though he hasn't read any since he read e.e.
drinking himself to sleep
pretending that he's boring
(not to sound deep)
he knows one day he'll write his book
and all the world will have a look
he smiles politely as he steps out of his dream and wakes up
she wants to be in magazine
he wants to act on movie screens
he sees those girls
but they look the other way
Training to be a star.
you know that you are.