The Residents - Ship's A'Going Down lyrics

Why not live?

The catbird shrilled!

And give a guy a chance!
For soon the moon will sing a tune and I'll be left to dance.

Uncle Remus:
Well, strangers have left on longer trains before.

Yes, shake and shout and cause a spout to be a mockery!
Exist inside a lemon drop and cause no word to be.
If after all this oleo a speck of dust exists,
We'll set aside a common tide 'twixt friend and who he's kissed.

Enigmatic Foe:
He thought the end was overdue, but daybroke him instead,
And consequently what he read was never what he said.
And don't you never,

Said the ever Enigmatic Foe,

Enigmatic Foe:
Lose your cool, or after school,
They'll find me home in bed.

What hoe you rake, you fake a taking and a mating moo;
Confuse to lose and quake to break are simple rules to you.
Why send a curly head to bed and know her secrets too?

Enigmatic Foe:
Glue it down you dripping clown, and be not busy, too;
If a needy, if a seedy lets him come on through.
Keys are not thrust open spores, and neither is a broken store!
There are clothes that haven't been worn,
Feet that haven't been shorn,
There's causes that haven't been given a principle.
Need I say more?

Uncle Remus:
The soft spoken edge was a close fit
With the warped open cracks so many.

The quick brain drained the main
And the ships a goin' down me mates,
The ship she's a goin' down.
The ship' she's a goin' down.