The Rascals - Stop And Think lyrics

Stop and think what to do with life
Stop and think.

How a little seed grows into a tall tree
Wind and water can make a mountain sand.

Know if you seek you'll find
Love dancing with eternity
Touching everything you see
Laughin' lovin' merrily
Won't you come along and see ?

Stop and think truly what's your name
Stop and think.

Man is like a farmer reapin' what he's sown now
Woman is mother earth givin' love and birth.

Know if you seek you'll find
Love, be a star up in the sky
Close your eyes, begin to fly
Let your body flow away
Feel the truth yourself today
Be with everyone
Love is everyone.

Stop and think I am really life
Stop and think.

What makes a man also makes his brother
Though you have a new name are we not the same ?

Stop and think
Stop and think
Stop and think
Stop and think.