The Rankin Family - Leis An Lurgain lyrics

Johnny Tulloch agus Mary
agus Iain Alex Rory
Angus Hector, Mary Sarah,
Archie Dan, Alex Joe
Little Johnny Dougal agus
Theresa Duncan Peter
All piled in a wagon for
a dance in Glencoe
Well they barrelled down
the back roads
By the farmhouse and the pasture
They barrelled down the back roads
Where the bochans wouldn't go
Sipped a little dealach just to
get the diddle flowing
Sang a gaelic song there was no radio
When they got to the dance
They could hear the fiddle playing
The could see the couples swaying
Through a window by the door
Shovelled out a nickel to a man
behind the wicket
Then heard the prompter holler