The Rainmakers - Tornado Of Love lyrics

Mom Mom the atomical bomb just went off
Out behind the hayloft
Pa where's Pa, now what'll we do
Head for the root cellar
I'm right behind you

And the wind took
The ground shook
And me and my baby traded one last look
The heavens squalled
Push come to shove
Ain't no escaping the tornado of love

The plow and the cow are history now
Ditto goes for the shed and silo
Hush baby hush now don't shed a tear
Potatoes and tomatoes to last us for a year


Run run run little sister
Outrun your brothers
Outrun the twister
You got a thing for older men
Are you too good for your own kin?

Twist twist twist little sister
Out of the grips of the mean ol' mister
President of the United Fools
Hot hot future in fossil fuels

Lead long johns for a cold cold winter
Then we saw the outhouse splintered
And there sat Pa with his overalls peed
His Sears catalog and his rosary beads