The Pedestrians - Pillar Of Salt lyrics

PILLAR OF SALT (Music and Lyrics: Neufer)

She slowly moved her hand away from his and knew it never would be back
The sun was setting over the hill
The day seemed over early, in fact
She knew if she looked back, she might as well be turned to salt
Was it fair that Lot’s wife must remain?
Letting go is hard
Was it justice for her pain?

I know you need someone to hold you when you’re alone in the dark
I know you need someone to tell you that your arrow hit the mark
But today there’s no one coming round
And tomorrow is a long way away
But there’s no need to cry tonight
It won’t always be today

She sat and cried beneath a tree she knew could hold her weight
She just sat there, eating its fruit
Soon there’d be no more, just broken seeds beneath her foot

Can you see the sun coming up deep beneath your canopy?
It’s tomorrow once again
But is it a new day if you cannot see the light?

And to this day she’s waited here, motionless and past
When it rains, a part of her washes away
A piece of her takes another taste of her love, yesterday