The Only Ones - Prisoners lyrics

I remember your face
Distorted with anger
I was out of place
As I filled the room with laughter
I know I was

You've come back for more
You've got something to settle
I heard it before, baby
There ain't no use in telling me
I know (I know, I know)

For you to act his way
There must be a reason
It hurts me to say it, but
It sure looks like treason I know
And I know (I know, I know)

(guitar solo)

Perhaps we'll meet again
On the outside
If I look you in the eye
Will I try to hide or will it be the same?

A chain of events
Overtook our lives
We were thrown together, and
Together we survived the ordeal

Confined in a space so small
We helped each other over the wall
Over the wall

(music break)