The Nits - The Strawberry Girl lyrics

Dead leaf falling from a family tree
Drop in the ocean, a rock in the sea
In a long cold winter she's falling asleep
On a pillow of feathers, wool of sheep

China moon on a cold winter night
When she's sleeping, the light
Is milk on her pillow and the goldfish is turning around
In a bowl near the window
The curtain is moving slow
The wind is blowing

Strawberry girl takes me to her kitchen
Am I fish or bait
Paper straw into her soft skin
Sip her lemonade

Koala faces, thick grey fur
Pieces of snake skin, millefleurs
In a long cold winter she's waking up
On a pillow of feathers, wool of sheep

On a cool day the strawberry girl takes me to the river
We sit down in the breeze
Gooseflesh when she starts to shiver
Cover her with wool and listen to the wind
In the leaves of the trees
She tells me she leaves
She leaves
(I don't know where I am going)
I don't know where I

I'm just a black sheep
A falling leaf
A falling leaf from a family tree