The Nightmare Scenario - 7:17 Thursday lyrics

One more hour to go today
Then 14 left till I come back
And 8 of those
I抣l sleep away
Leaves me 6 to relax and enjoy
Such is the life of the hourly worker
Everything抯 divided to hours on a clock
And dollars on the paycheck
Twice a month
And we抣l never be out of here
Off white walls
This black desk top
Or the coffee stained carpet
Of the break room floor
It抯 all I see day in and year out
A never ending cycle of nothing
And it抯 killing me.
It抯 tearing my soul out through my eyes
And the life from my heart
I don抰 want to die here
Shut down the circuitry
Lights off
Zipper up
Walk out into
The rain
To drive the same roads
That lead me back to here.