The New Limb - Birds And Stuff lyrics

There's an ancient
Proverb I wanted to tell you, it says a lot
It says it's not for kings to fall in love
Save it for the birds and stuff

I can see what you're trying to mean
But I can't believe what you're doing to me
Cuz' if you think love isn't good enough
I'll go find a bird to love.

We could learn a lot together
Even if we're not together
I am glad I found you
The ether lay us out together
I prefer the darker weather
I want my arms around you

Will you still hang out
When my hairs grey and I'm def and shout
Cuz' I know ill stick around
When your hair's gone and your belly's round

I can't say if I'll be in town
Or if someone will put me in the ground
But if you will be my bird, I will be your bird
Without another word.

Sometimes your not
I feel like you're a cold I caught
I've been there too
I've been there too
I've been there too

You're a half thought through tattoo
And though I know you're not
I feel like you're all I got, I do