The Mr. T Experience - Semi-OK lyrics

I've got this thing somewhere inbetween empty and dark
Always in my heart
I've got this glitch on account of which
I don't add up but I don't give up hope

'Cause if you're a bit demoralised and kind of devastated
Less than optimistic or frustrated
Remember, hey, hey, hey, oh baby, hey, hey, hey
Oh baby, hey, hey, hey, we're semi-OK

And that's a whole lot better than we used to be yesterday
Semi-OK is a kinda sorta brand new day
With this development distressingly content
If you want to see come along with me
Or just stay where you are, yeah actually just stay there

But my point is this - if you've got a glitch
You may not add up but you're close enough
You'll find life can be kind of cool and not completely terrible
Absolutely sort of almost bearable

Woah, woah, woah, oh baby, woah, woah, woah, oh baby
Woah, woah, woah, we're semi-O
And that's half an O more than we had just a while ago
Semi-OK is the semi-best way to go
Semi-OK, semi-OK is the semi-best way
It's the semi-cool, semi-swell, semi-all-the-way
Kind of semi-superlative kinda sorta brand new day
New day, kinda sorta brand new day