The Moving Lights - Shaken lyrics

6 o'clock last night..,
And i'm still waiting..,
Missing steps in my stride!

You showed up, past then..,
And as i'm falling faster..,
I close my eyes!

You are forged in my memory,
You are all i need, you are! lately you are..,

And the night wares on..,
I close them tighter..,
Its still you i see!

But in magic, i believe!
As you touch my shoulders..,
I can hardly breath!

You are still kissing me,
And i am still shaking, you are! lately you are..,

I fall in..
I'm still breathing..
You've helped me see how!

I want this more than,
You imagine,
My eyes are closed now..

And you are still kissing me,
You are not shaking,
You are not moving from me..

(c) moving lights (2005)