The Move - Blackberry Way lyrics (Chinese translation). | Blackberry way,absolutely pouring down with rain
, It's a terrible day,up wih the lark
, Silly girl...
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The Move - Blackberry Way (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Blackberry way,absolutely pouring down with rain
ZH: 黑莓手机的方式,绝对倾盆而下的雨

EN: It's a terrible day,up wih the lark
ZH: 它是一个可怕的日子,起来带云雀

EN: Silly girl I don't know what to say
ZH: 我不知道该说什么的傻女孩

EN: She was running away
ZH: 她跑了

EN: So now I'm standing on th corner,
ZH: 所以现在我站在 th 角

EN: Lost in the things that I said.
ZH: 在我所说的东西丢失了。

EN: What am I supposd to do now.
ZH: 我是什么六点钟到达现在做。

EN: CHORUS...Goodbye Blackberry Way,I can't see you,I don't need you,
ZH: 合唱......再见了黑莓手机的方式,我不能看到你,我不需要你,

EN: Goodbye Blackberry Way,syre to want me back another day.
ZH: 再见了黑莓手机的方式,想要我的赛尔回另一天。

EN: Down to the park,overgrowing but the trees are bare
ZH: 到公园里,这些但树木被光秃秃。

EN: There's a mmory there
ZH: 有没有 mmory

EN: Boats on the lake unattended.
ZH: 无人值守的湖上的船。

EN: Now the laughters's drowned I'm incredibly down,
ZH: 现在分享欢乐的淹死我非常失望了

EN: Just like myself they are neglected,turn with my eyes to the wall
ZH: 就像我一样他们被忽视,用我的眼睛转到墙上

EN: What am I suuposed to do now
ZH: 我是什么 suuposed 现在做

ZH: 合唱......

EN: Oooh-la Oooh-la oo Ooh X 2
ZH: 哦拉哦拉 oo 哦 X 2

EN: Run for the train look behind you for she may be there
ZH: 她可能会有运行火车看在你身后

EN: Said a thing in the air,
ZH: 说一件事在空气中,

EN: Blackberry Way se the battle field of careless sins
ZH: 黑莓手机的方式 se 战场的粗心的罪

EN: Cast to the winds so full of emptiness without her
ZH: 强制转换为所以完全没有她空虚的风

EN: Lost in the words that I said
ZH: 在我说的话中丢失

EN: What am I supposed to do now
ZH: 我该怎么办

EN: CHORUS.... repaet and fade
ZH: 合唱...repaet 和淡出